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Today in a commentary, I heard a plausible explanation for some of what comes out of Trump's yap.

The Donald is used to talking off the top of head with little thought given to the ramifications of how he says things. He's long been associated with the entertainment industry, even appearing in his own television show where if he said something that would turn off an audience; or, get him in trouble with the censors, no problem. There'd always be somebody there to edit it out for him. Even if something untoward he said made it through editing; or, got leaked - no big deal. In the entertainment industry, any publicity, even negative publicity is good to the extent that it keeps one in the public eye. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

Trump has; however, carried that mindset and his long established habits over into politics. Unfortunately, there's no editing to take care of his faux pas anymore and spin control isn't anywhere near as effective. He's also finding out that, unlike in the entertainment industry, in politics bad publicity is a bad thing that can be one's undoing. Trump is a creature of habit who's used to doing things his way and having others take care of the aftermath for him. He's slow to make the necessary adjustment and consequently his mouth is going to plague his campaign.

Ah well, first world problems of the rich and famous.
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