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Very well put sexobon.

"We'll fix it in post" -- Sarah Silverman. Just, without the irony. It's abundantly clear that he's had a lifetime of success talking this way, much of it, probably all of it unscripted. And these are his ideas, his words. He doesn't strike me as the kind of person that seeks out the advice of experts, least of all people who tell him what to say. He's had a lifetime of having people reward him with their attention, from near and far, sycophants well represented, I'm sure.

And now we're seeing more of the same. Why fuck with success? But as you pointed out, he is in a different milieu. I think Clinton's observation that we're seeing the "real Donald Trump" is on the money. We're seeing a very candid presentation of what we could expect as POTUS (God help us -- Bloomberg).

There are those who find this candor refreshing, and imagine his outsider-ness to politics as the medicine to cure our political ills. I could not disagree more. Let's follow his logic, but from the other direction. Dear Trump supporter, Hillary Clinton has had a lifetime of public service, never having worked a day in her life in the private sector. So, she's the best possible candidate to step in as CEO and Chairman of the Board of MEGACORP, Inc, that is in bankruptcy, covered in lawsuits, has lost it's market share, has a product line that is old and busted, etc etc. *Because* Clinton isn't tainted by private enterprise, she's the best man for the job here.


No, that's absurd too, but it matches Trump's "logic" precisely, it's just plain wrong.

Taking his remark from the OP, think about this. Why would we want a President that is so reliably bad at expressing what he "really means"? How in the world could this possibly be in our nation's best interest?
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