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Okay...true story...supposedly. But given who it happened to, I totally believe it.

Winter of the time, all my friends and I were in 8th grade. It was the peak of the big hair days...grunge and flannel were creeping up on the horizon. Anyway, at the time, we all used to go to these mixers on Friday nights at the Carpenters' Union Hall. $5 for all you can drink soda, dancing and deer hunting.

So my friend Rachel is getting ready one Friday. She was already dressed for the night, but she wanted to eat something before she went. She went into her pantry to get a can of ravioli. She then turned on one of the gas burners on her stove...nothing doing. So she went to get a long match to reignite it, as the pilot light was still lit. Well, she put a lot of Aqua Net in her hair that night, and she leaned over the store to light the burner, which was in lighting mode...

WHOOSH! Singed her bangs off. Fortunately, she sustained no other injuries. Pretty fucking funny though...we didn't let her live it down the rest of the school year.
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