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Originally Posted by limey View Post
What about Discord as a platform? I donít know much about it, does anyone here?

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Discord--and Slack, a similar tool--are more for ongoing conversations on a somewhat limited number of topics. The number of threads-within-forums we have isn't as conducive to their layout, and when a new post goes in a thread, it just gets bolded, not bumped to the top, so you'd have to scroll a bunch to get to active threads that were started a long time ago. (It's possible that setting can be changed, but I've never seen one that does it.)

On the other hand, Discord does have a built-in voice chat option, and their "private messages" interface is a little easier than the standard web forum layout. And as UT pointed out, we aren't starting nearly as many threads these days. But if, say, a new person came along and spammed the board with a bunch of new threads, they'd sit there clogging up the top of the list unless someone made the executive decision to archive them.
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