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I'm definitely in.

The cellar brings me joy.


Thinking out loud here, during the "whatever" time,

> I think it would be useful to have reliable contact information exchanged with the people I'd like to remain in contact with in the absence of the cellar. Most of the friends I have are on the cellar and most of them I know through the cellar. I think PMs are a good first step to sustaining our ability to communicate. If any of you want my contact information, send me a private message. I will be sending out PMs of my own.

> Money. Now that I'm gainfully employed, I can "hit the tip jar" as we used to say, back in the Before Times. I think it's fair to expect some startup costs, probably not in proportion to $2700 in 1991 dollars ($2,700 in 1991 is worth $5,152.56 today). Perhaps we can gather money now, put it in escrow for inevitable expenses.

> Which makes me think of people. Several core people have already identified themselves here in this thread and around here. Maybe what I'm thinking of is Roles and who could fill those roles. Some roles, Moderators, Escrow officer/treasurer (maaaaaan, does that sound bureaucratic), Admin(s), SuperAdmins. ... Members, ombudsman, Point of Contact for name registration,

> I do not want to have to use Bacefook. In the immortal wisdom from Clodfobble "I can't/won't do Facebook. It sucks in countless ways."

> What do we want? Well, ideally, for the cellar to continue uninterrupted. Duh. But failing that maximally optimal scenario, I'd like to keep as much of the functionality as we enjoy here now.

Things I like:

text centric
no advertising. I am willing to pay cash money to avoid advertising.
the ability to post photos and videos
the ability to embed links
I use the "new posts" link to help me understand what's happened since the last time I looked or refreshed
I really like the permanence of the cellar, also noted by others in this thread. being able to go back and reference something from back in the day brings me joy and satisfaction.
The spirit of the cellar and its light moderation, its open doors.
this list is not comprehensive. I'm still just thinking out loud.

Things I miss or would like to have that aren't here or easily to hand:

real time communication, one to one, one to many, many to many. Text, voice, video. These kinds of ad hoc remote connect at a distance technologies are here to stay, thank you covid. Having them built in is not a requirement, but they should be alongside at least. We've all had the experience of doing more than one thing at once in different windows on one (set of) display(s). Having this new thing going on in window 1 and a link to a xyz setup (pre built) to make a connection for voice/chat/video as part of some banner/control panel, would be nice. They could easily be separate applications. I have already created a slack channel, lightly promoted, still active (I'll double check that after this post/thinking out loud).

> done thinking out loud for the moment.

This bears repeating: I love the people that make up the cellar. You are my friends. They say it takes a village to raise an idiot, and I'm your idiot. ... I don't know, I know I'm not an idiot--done my share of idiotic things.. yeah. I kinda feel jokey now and sad and fearful. Also excited about my improved life circumstances, which, without you here, about five people would know or give a shit. I know that says a lot about my social life, but it also says this, I've fortunately chosen quality over quantity, profundity over proximity, and smarts over smart asses. (now that I think of it, I might have gotten that last one backwards. ... actually, it works both ways. nvm)

I'm definitely in. I'm renewing my vows to all y'all. [insert favorite cheering meme here].
Be Just and Fear Not.
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