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I'll try to answer all of that coherently.

Why I don't move? I live on a farm, and don't have the financial capacity to have a second home in Melbourne, which is the only place in the state where I could get specialist help. I also still can't live independently, so would need my husband to uproot to stay with me. Being a carer is not something you can ask of friends for an extended period.

I was seeing a psychiatrist via Skype at my local medical centre, but (competent or not) he did not think he could help me, and that I was better off with therapy with my psychologist. They have not been able to find any medication that helps with, without making me into a zombie. There are no psychiatrists within a 3 hour drive.

I am about to start an online therapy course, which my psychologist is arranging.

Trying too hard? How can I put this: would you say that to someone with a spinal injury who is trying to find ways to move again? Just carrying on does not change the symptoms.

It took me almost a year of multiple strategies to be able to sleep more than 3 hours a night. Some things helped, some did not. I now sleep about 7 hours a night, but badly. I wake often, and the sleep is disturbed. I'm often exhausted when I get up.

I do mindfulness exercises, I get an adequate amount of physical activity with the farming (what I can do of it), have a good diet, try to keep things stable around me, while trying to continue to introduce interaction or activity on a careful basis to build the resilience.
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