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A few of you asked in the Power of Now thread about what sort of traumas they were

It is complicated by childhood trauma, which I won't go into, but I was not in a great state at the end of 2016 when the first major trauma happened.

This is still going to be a very short version. It's quite complicated.

But first I found my best friend was allowing a convicted child sex offender (little girls) access to her two young kids. I had to help have them removed from her.

A few months after that my husband went weird quite abruptly, said some astonishingly nasty things and left to think about what he wanted.

A few weeks later I was captured and held prisoner for 24 hours.

We got back together. But within days of the capture the PTSD exploded in me. I lost 25 kg in the next two months. My hair fell out. I stopped being able to sleep more than 3 hours a night. I lost the capacity to do almost anything.

Two months into that my husband suddenly told me he did not love me, and in fact, since we met in 1997, he never actually had loved me as anything more than a sister. (It was almost a year before it became clear he had had a major breakdown, but there was almost no other sign of it. He seemed to be otherwise just like he always was.) He wanted us to live together as brother and sister, separate rooms, etc. I couldn't do that.

I left the farm and went from couch to tent to hotel to spare room (in four countries) for the next 9 months until my husband's condition deteriorated to the point he realised himself that he was sick, and I returned to the farm.

I needed to stay in one place long enough to get consistent therapy. I couldn't live alone as my brain had all but shut down. We helped each other back through this. Our relationship is still pretty much in tatters but we are both trying to get it back on track (a new track...)
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