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why is your attention span short? where does your mind go? is it the same repeating cycle of thought? are you re-living the bad things that happened? are they still happening? if they are not, let them go. they can't hurt you any more. not unless you keep going back through them.

I'm not sure how PTSD works.... but in a general sense, I think there is a danger in labeling mental conditions. If you had never heard of it, would you have it? Or the lack of joy thing...anhedonia? just naming it gives it it's own will. something you have. you identify with it. it becomes part of you. now you look to protect it. If I tell you you don't have those things and you're fine, you'll get mad.

I don't want to make you mad, but you are not those conditions. those initials. those labels. you're an animal. these ailments are built up in thoughts. so get under the thoughts. let them be and look at them from the outside. you're the thinker, so you can choose not to think those thoughts.... you just need to create the space first. get empty in your head.

I think I have too much advice. and not enough experience with your mind.

i've had some bruises, and the best advice i can offer is to NOT identify with the bad things that happened. they are not who you are.
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