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You wanna talk shit? Here is my current problem.......

Thunderboy goes to U of M Dearborn. It's technically a different University from The main Ann Arbor Campus. (And U of m Flint) but students may join U of M teams on any campus and use the facilities etc. We live in Ann Arbor so it has been very easy for TB to join the Men's Water Polo Team which practices here in Ann Arbor.

But.... Canham Natatorium has has a cryptosporidium outbreak. So the team is "quarantined" and may not travel to the tournament in indiana this weekend unless they pass a poop test. He went yesterday morning, they said they needed him to come back in the afternoon to see a doc to get the requisition. he got stuck in traffic and missed it by a few minutes, they sent him to the 24 hour lab. they found a requisition in the system, did the test, the results are ready but no-one will give them to him. he has to return to the requisitioning body .... which just says U of M labs on the order. The people on the phone told him to go back to the 24 hour lab who told him to call the people on the phone...... There is no time to start over
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