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Originally Posted by wolf
As far as I know, most actual computer guys don't need to know much more about electricity beyond "don't stick a fork in the outlet."
We've been using the term "computer guy" very loosely. In general, there are hardware types and software types. In my opinion, the software guys only need a passing understanding of the hardware. If you understand the general principles and have some in-depth knowledge of the target cpu, then you've got all the hardware knowledge you need. Software requires all kinds of knowledge in other areas, mind.

There are two types of hardware guys. The kind of guys who swap out parts and the kind of guys who design systems and motherboards. The latter are the only ones who need a BSEE. The part-swappers are usually just average joes who have read the hardware manuals. I think these are the guys that tw said should be more knowledgeable and it was on this point that I disagreed. Not that it wouldn't help some, but a BSEE for a hardware support position is overkill.
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