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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
"I will go out and say that the ProudBoys as a whole, I will say this on behalf of the entire national organization, denounce white supremacy." - Thad, Chief of the Proud Boys Salt Lake Utah Chapter
So a rogue chapter exists. Meanwhile, a BBC reporter describes multiple interviews with Proud Boys in Portland OR. Each drove from different states and openly stated that they wanted confrontation.

Proud Boys marched with the KKK, Nazi, and other White Supremacists. How can that be? It contracts a statement from one rogue chapter in Utah.

Numbers and activities by hate groups have increased significantly since 2016. We know who encourages it. An orange face who is even spreading Covid-19. Because his 30 second attention span proved it is not a threat.

No problem. If anyone disagrees, Urbane Guerrilla will be there with guns and insults to prove them wrong. Wacko extremism is alive and well.

Even Trump praises them. Apparently brethren share common attributes - such as a 30 second attention span. Just long enough to hate and then fire.
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