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Scary part are the 40% of Americans so easily brainwashed as to love this guy. He can insult everyone like a school yard bully. And they love him. He can promote changes to the laws that only enrich the richest. They love him. He can insult women - and they love him. He can disparage based in race, ethnicity, immigrants, other allied nations, religion - even the handicapped. And they still love him. No wonder so many love the massacre of almost 5000 American troops in Iraq for no useful purpose. It says how many adults are still children. It demonstrates that brainwashing works. Trump could kill anyone in a stadium in front of 50,000 worshipers. And not be convicted. Because so many adults are that much children. Once they *know*, then Trump can say or do anything - and they love him. It is the definition of brainwashing.

George Wills recently rescinded his Republican party affiliation due to people who now dominate the party. Due to the lowest intelligent people who now openly demanded other Republicans support The Donald. George Wills is a lifelong and adamant Republican. He would periodically sponsor dinners attended by all major right wing Republicans. Because their hate and child-like ignorance is so dominant, even George Wills quit his party.

Republicans are doing today what Nazis did in late 1920s and early 1930s. Only more intelligent Republicans see this serious and dangerous problem. And have spoken out publicly.

Scary is how 40% are so easily brainwashed by The Donald's rhetoric. That (and not The Donald) is the scariest part.
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