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Originally Posted by BigV View Post
Makes me think about the range of tolerance for bullshit slash distaste/hatred/abhorrence of Clinton.
Most people have spent their adult life hearing insults of "Hilary". We all know who preached that one word expression - Rush Limbaugh.

Brainwashing works. Over 60% of Americans knew smoking increases health. A classic example of brainwashing. Hearsay that exists for decades creates brainwashing. A majority of Americans will deny a subconscious belief hammered by Limbaugh propaganda. One need not ever listen to Limbaugh to be influenced by his propaganda. Because brainwashing works when repeated constantly for years.

Hold someone to facts about Hilary - they have none. They will recite a mantra. Because brainwashing (since 1990) works. Because a majority unfortunately make decisions from their emotions - not from facts.

Mantra: a repeated word, sound, or chant to facilitate a spiritual power and a transformation of consciousness. Also called brainwashing. It works on people who make conclusions based in their emotions.

Scary are many who still worship The Donald.

Trump is so scary and ignorant that even George Wills resigned from his party. Even John McCain rescinds his support. This week demonstrates who were recruited by Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Cheney, Ingraham, et al to the Republican party.

Scary is not Trump. Scary are Americans that are so easily manipulated. That should alarm so many Cellar dwellers in Australia, Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. I am surprised how many outside America have remained so silent. Trump supporters are that scary.
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