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I have a couple tapes of Ranma 1/2 (tapes 1 and 2, as it happens) that I got in a bargain closeout bin years ago.

Lately I have been experiencing the joys of Comcast OnDemand service which has several anime channels. I am not very up on anime at all, so I have not selected for quality, but rather based on the name of the programs.

OnDemand adds an episode usually about once every two weeks, and also adds additional programs quite regularly, but I only have so much viewing time available.

I have gotten hooked on two for sure, and one sort of.

My for sures are:

Witchhunter Robin (I've seen episodes 1-5)


Paranoia Agent (Episodes 1-6)

I have also started watching Inuyasha. I caught episodes a time or two on Adult Swim and decided it looked pretty neat. They just started those, so I've seen episodes 1-3, so I have some more continuity regarding the story.
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