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     First off, I'd like to say that the Hitler analogy is crap not because of Saddams lack of successful invasions, but because we didn't "stick our nose where it didn't belong" in WWII. In fact, we didn't get involved till we were attacked by Japan. Having Japan declare war on us pretty well precludes us from not belonging in that conflict. Up till then we did stay out of it, officially speaking anyway.
     As far as when the planning started, we'll never know. I will say that I remember my friends and I joking about when we go to war with Iraq pre-election day, and even not joking when we discussed war with Iraq the day after 9-11.
     As UT said earlier Bush is not stupid. I've pointed out before that he seems to have gotten everything he wanted. That's not luck. And UT's prediction of the miraculous explanations coming to light just in time for elections sounds pretty accurate to me. Spooky too.
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