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I got a few records today....

1) ZZTOP - Afterburner -- SOUNDS EXCELLENT!!! (For 1985 I wasnt sure if it would)
2) Barry Manilow - Even now - SOUNDS EXCELLENT!! (I have had this record before and it had low vocals and didnt sound that good (The 8track sounds good though))
3) KTEL - Power House
4) Modern English - After the snow

and 2 cassettes

1) The allman brothers at fillmore east (I have the records and 8track also) - Sadly this is NOT the original release,its the 1974 re-issue.... If it doesnt sound good ill try to find the original..... (The 8 track IS the original and so are the records) No dolby,etc.....
2) The guess who - Live at the paramount (First release (No dolby,etc))
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