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Limey foodblogs

In support of Ibby's plan here's my foodblog. I can't guarantee pictures, but will try to include everything I eat and drink for a week. Friday evening onwards may be reported late as I am hosting a music event at the bunkhouse down the road for the weekend ...
Don't be put off by how this starts ... . In my recent weightloss success story I twigged that portion size is a BIG part of the problem, and in Britain at least, it is typical to pour out a MAHOOSSIVE bowl of cereal in the morning. I'm not that hungry in the morning, but do want to eat breakfast, so I decided that one easy way to consume less was to measure out the regulation bowlful of cereal. The other think I measure out like an obsessive is yoghurt, because I buy a 450 ml tub and like to get 5 portions out of it.
Sat. morning
45g bowl of no-sugar muesli, handful of raisins, semi-skimmed milk
Pint of filter coffee with semi-skimmed milk
(shall we just assume from now on the milk is semi-skimmed always?)
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