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LOL! Yep. That's the one.

So my lesson was a good one. We talked about some basic music stuff (octaves, timing, etc). He showed me a few chords. He gave me a scale to practice and the chords to brown eyed girl to practice, too. I am getting pretty good at the scale, but the chords are tough. My fingers don't want to move that way....yet. He also showed me the Tablature way of reading music for the mandolin. I was trying to learn both, but he seemed to think it was ok just to do tabs. It's MUCH easier for one who hasn't learned to read music.

He also advised that I get a strap. I'm looking for one, but I might just sew one up. My SIL suggested getting a mount or a stand so that it's out of the bag. If it's in the bag, then I won't play it as much. I agree and am looking for that, too.
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