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Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology .
Word "messianic" exists to inflame 'adults who are still children'. Take out that word, and that sentence is what you should be doing if doing the primary job of all decent humans.

Nobody is experimenting with other's lives. That technology is proven. If it is experimenting, then you posted facts and numbers that demonstrate so. You don't because you cannot. A statement justified only by itself. Also called junk science reasoning.

That technology only saves lives. But 'adults who are children' also believed Jenny McCarthy, an uneducated Playboy centerfold. She has big tits. So she must be telling the truth? Reality. She lied. Her only information source lied - intentionally to enrich himself. She is believed only because she has big tits, a naked body, is not a minority, and has minimal education.

Facts are ignored when not using a pre-frontal cortex. Many do not even know what that is. Why it exists. And why 'adults who think like adults' would never associate 'messianic' with the world's best humans. Honest people are not inspired by incendiary adjectives. Children are.

Also explains the popularity of Milosevic, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un, Idi-bitty Amin, and a most obvious example. You demonstrate why Hitler was so popular. He also targeted 'adults who are still children'. He also used incendiary rhetoric as if proof. It works on adults who cannot separate emotions from facts.

Radio Moscow also targeted people who are emotional. Making obvious the difference between propaganda and news. But only if one is not making decisions from a reptilian brain.

That article is classic propaganda: subjective reasoning biased by incendiary adjectives. And contradicted by both facts for why and numbers.

Unfortunately, 'adults who are still children' are too emotional to learn the difference between facts and emotions. And must deny this well understood psychology concept.

PBS recently demonstrated this in a three part series entitled "Hacking the Mind". Discussed how 'adults who are still children' are manipulated by techniques such as confirmation bias and cherry picking. Learning about those propaganda techniques will help learn how to make better decisions from a pre-frontal cortex.

BTW, notice that nothing here attacks or demeans anyone. Nobody here need do that. Discussed is well understood science.
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