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Originally Posted by Luce View Post
So the courts get packed.
And gerrymandering disenfranchises voters. And American allies are mocked and disparaged. And Kim is all but told he is permitted to build all the nuclear weapons and intercontinental weapons he wants. While American soldiers are told they no longer need to and are not allowed to train. And American withdrawals all over the world has, for example, permitted China to now become the dominate economic power in Africa. War in Taiwan, and most of east Asia has become likely - ie Sparately and Parcel Islands. American economic stagnation (to be followed four years later by massive job losses) is coming. All environmental protections (that create economic growth) are being removed. Science (the entire source of American strength) is now routinely mocked. The greatest source of American innovation (immigrants) are now being driven out. Hate now so rampant in the streets with KKK, White Supremacists, misogynists, and Nazis now publicly praises. Proving that everyone now needs AK-47s and 105mm howitzers. International economic alliances canceled. Racism inceasing. Nuclear non-proliferation canceled. Nations now producing nerve gases and other weapons of mass destruction - not condemned and even praised. American intelligence community called liars. Promised jobs in steel and coal - never happened. Hundreds of thousands dead because leaders are corrupt. Prosecutors replaced with political hacks to protect corrupt leaders. Corporations now permitted to purchase all the politician they want since corporations are now people. The world being taught by America that democracy does not work. An an increasing Gini index as more Americans continue to become poverty stricken. American companies now selling themselves off, piece by piece, to maintain profits - so that innovation and resulting jobs need not happen. Extremists and Russia now openly promoting disinformation that corrupt leaders say is good.

Don't worry. Be happy. We have a president who lies so much that we need not worry.
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