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My cousin's son, who is the same age as my son and traveled last summer with him and my sister on a whirlwind expedition through Ecuador, has been sent home from SUNY Oneonta. He's a freshman.
The campus closed amid covid concerns, and all students have been sent home.

He's been home for four days, and his test results just came back positive for covid. He hasn't got a single symptom. He feels just fine.

The family started off keeping distance from each other when he got back, but got more and more relaxed as the days went on. I imagine they are regretting that now. So now the entire household has to quarantine and wear masks around each other. Just waiting for symptoms to appear. Some may get it, some may not.

The grandmother, who lives across town, just got out of rehab after back surgery, and was going to be cared for by my cousin. She can't do that now that she has been exposed. Another relative is getting that job now.

I think it's smart of colleges to suspend in person classes when covid heats up on the campuses, but maybe sending the kids home to their families isn't such a great idea. At least not without strict controls.
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