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the local student paper just published a scathing opinion piece headlined UVM is destined to close over COVID-19. this section is particularly interesting:

In a July 2 email to all students, Provost Patricia Prelock said that all on-campus students would be required to participate in coronavirus testing twice a week for the entire fall semester.

Since then, UVM has scaled back that testing policy. According to UVMís reopening website, the university will test students once a week for three weeks, until Sept. 18. The website does not specify why the policy was changed, or how often or whether students will be tested after that point.

I wondered at first why UVM chose to only test students until a specific date.

Then I remembered that Sept. 18 just so happens to be the last date on which students can withdraw from classes, meaning the last date on which students can leave the university for the semester without paying full tuition.
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