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polaroid of perfection
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: West Yorkshire
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My life continued its downward spiral, in and out of hospitals and counselling.
Still living in squalor, but I've lost weight.
Dads is going downhill at the same rate, but his is completely irreversible.

I had a very very long cold Winter, but am slowly waking up from it.

Carruthers has become a friend, of me and of the Cellar. You will probably miss most of his posts because his particular interests don't necessarily cross over with yours. But he's very kind and droll, and funny in a laugh out loud way.

Everyone bothered about their weight seems to be posting that they've lost or are starting to lose it. Of course it could be that others are just not reporting back. But things seem to be improving on the Cellar health-wise.

Chris in Houston has had a stand out set of photos. He's always been a foodie, but now he makes me wonder why companies use horrible tricks to take photos for publication (rendering the food inedible) when he does such a good job with things he actually can eat.
Lola Bunny still looks about 19, and her photos of food are clear, simple and tasty. Hers make me hungrier, because I feel I could reach in and just grab it, and the food.
Buster continues to share what he's eating, and making me - mostly - hungry. Although some of it is a bit foreign for me

Talking of rednecks, Grav exposes more of himself than he realises; he lost Slick (his gorgeous big black tom) and we grieved with him. But he shows his colours with photos of cats, and his insightful remarks on his own family, and support of others on here.

Jim is still loved up with Amanda. Still looking like a hot Viking, working hard and being a hands-on Dad even away from the original family home.

And we're all still inviting eachother to visit eachother's cities, safe in the knowledge that most of us never will
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Old 05-08-2015, 02:36 AM   #17
trying hard to be a better person
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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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I hope things keep moving in the right direction for you Sundae. it's hard to get out of deep holes, so kudos to you for keeping up the fight even when it seemed hopeless and pointless. One day at a time, but setting goals is still important.

I am so sorry about your Dad. Must be hard for your Mum even though I'm sure she's blustering her way through it as best she can. Must be hard for you too Sundae. I know you looked to your Dad for protection when things with you and your Mum were difficult. How are you coping without that? I guess living in different circumstances probably solves most of those issues?

Since Aden has moved out, there's a spare room here these days if you could ever find the airfare. The weather might really annoy you though, so Qld may not be your best destination. haha

Not sure if you losing more weight is good or not. You seem to have lost an awful lot already iirc. If it's what you want though, good on you.

I'm glad you're still here Sundae. x
Kind words are the music of the world. F. W. Faber
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Radical Centrist
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Location: Cottage of Prussia
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I have rejoined the middle class. My new place is clean and dry.
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