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Get off the idiot box

TV causes damage in children:

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In my house, it works the other way around. My three once dragged a 27" tv off of the entertainment center, sending it crashing to the floor during a fight over a videogame controller.

It still works, but it has a nasty purplish halo in one corner from where the shadow mask got dislocated.
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From the article:
More than half of [British] three-year-olds have a TV set in their bedrooms...
Christ, I simply can't believe that this statistic holds true for America too. Or maybe I only know deprived kids, who knows? I thought in Britain you had to pay a steep television license fee per set, which meant most houses only had one television...
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While I'm no fan of TV, this "study" has the stink of junk science.

Note this one:
"While the average Briton watches four hours of TV a day, children aged
11-15 spend seven-and-a-half hours a day watching TV and computers"

And computers? Comparing Apples and oranges, are we?

Then there's a bunch of other extraordinary claims. I doubt there's any extraordinary evidence to back them up.

And finally, the appeal to the Precautionary Principle: "What harm could possibly result from preventing very young children from watching television...."
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Children now spend more time watching a TV screen than they spend in school, but viewing even a moderate amount can dramatically increase their risk of myopia, slow down their metabolic rate and may trigger premature puberty, according to Dr Sigman.
I'm having a really hard time figuring out the mechanism of action on this last one ...

leading to increased anti-social behaviour, new research claims.
Asocial behavior, I'll buy. Anti-social means something else entirely in a clinical sense.

I would estimate the number of American 3 year olds with their own TV in their bedrooms to approach 65%.
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an•ti•so•cial adj.
1.shunning the society of others; not sociable.
2.Hostile to or disruptive of the established social order; marked by or engaging in behavior that violates accepted mores: gangs engaging in vandalism and other antisocial behavior.
3.Antagonistic toward or disrespectful of others; rude.

a•so•cial adj.
1.Not social: "Bears are asocial, secretive animals" (David Graber).
2.Avoiding or averse to the society of others; not sociable: "It's not that you're so asocial, but a man who likes people doesn't wind up in the Antarctic" (Saul Bellow).
3.Unable or unwilling to conform to normal standards of social behavior; antisocial: "crime, riots, drug use and other asocial behavior" (Derek Shearer).
4.Inconsiderate of others; self-centered

Are you going with #2 for antisocial.
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