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Major Matt Mason
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KAOS Slogans...

OK, kiddies, time for a trip down Memory Lane...

From ->Crystallyne (#201)
Date ->Friday, March 29th 4:09am

A long, long time ago I sent you a list of KAOS quotes, and since I'm ordering
my own shirt (yeefuckin'haw) I decided to re-upload them to you AND the Captain
to see if I can get them added in. So, here's a list (and I may have more
later, but let me know what you can do with these...):

"KAOS: Dare to be stupid!"
"KAOS: We make Weird Al Yankovic look like his father!"
"KAOS: Two! Two! Two plots in one!"
"KAOS: Where most people have attempted to go before ..."
"KAOS: If it sounds like it's on the wrong speed, it must be progressive"
"KAOS: Call back, Mr. Ippity-Pippity!"
"KAOS: And don't let the modem hit you on the ass on your way out!"
"KAOS: What makes you think we wanted you to call in the first place?"
"KAOS: You, too, can get kicked off of the BEST!"
"KAOS: Good GOD! It's ALIVE!"
"KAOS: Derived from the best Plutonium."
"KAOS: 1950's Sci-fi movies PALE in comparison!"
"KAOS: Because we care ..."
"KAOS: That's the glory of love, DUDE!"
"KAOS: If you care, we don't (c)"
"KAOS: Up all night wondering if there really is a Dog ..."
"KAOS: Four years ... SO BLOW OFF, SCUMBAG! (but we mean that with love)"
"KAOS: Rude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable"
"KAOS: I'd buy THAT for a dollar!"
"KAOS: Cough! Cough! Hack! Bleh!"
"KAOS: And for those of you from Iowa, "Moooooooooo!""
"KAOS: Just who in the Hell do you think you ARE, anyway?"
"KAOS: If your mother knew you were calling this board ..."
"KAOS: Just when you thought it was safe to dial your modem ..."
"KAOS: Yes, we like The Church of Bob, too ..."
"KAOS: More rants for your phone dollar!"
"KAOS: Psychics predict we'll be around long after you're dead!"
"KAOS: Yeah, SO?"
"KAOS: Where we don't laugh WITH you, just AT you."
"KAOS: Mindless Mutterings Made EASY!"
"KAOS: Where harassing Weems is a way of life."
"KAOS: If you had our balls, you'd have your own board."
"KAOS: Just because you have a modem does NOT give you any rights."
"KAOS: We hold these truths to be self-evident"
"KAOS: We dare to remove mattress tags! Ooooooo ..."
"KAOS: We'll be right back after these messages."
"KAOS: Stay tuned for that 800 number!"
"KAOS: Four score and seven BAUD ago ..."
"KAOS: Home of silicon-based beings from Xarchia III."
"KAOS: We ARE the aliens ..."
"KAOS: The only thing you have to fear is us."
"KAOS: Be afraid; be VERY afraid."
"KAOS: We shall meet them on the BBS's, we shall meet them with our modems."
"KAOS: We are NOT amused."
"KAOS: Laurie Anderson calls on a regular basis."
"KAOS: Where Truman Capote got his start."
"KAOS: Who'd-a thunk it?"
"KAOS: A pox on your first born, you ugly wart on a salamader's tounge!"
"KAOS: We insult you just for fun."
"KAOS: Fool your Friends for Fun and Profit!"
"KAOS: Faggots and Dykes and Bi's, OH MY!"
"KAOS: We hang out with Leona Helmsley."
"KAOS: We're gay-positive."
"KAOS: Cute litte board, ain't it? We think so."
"KAOS: Saturday Night Live calls here for material."
"KAOS: New Kids On The Block DON'T call here -- isn't that reason enough?"
"KAOS: Where Mozart and Zappa mix without so much as a raised eybrow."

Let me know.


Amazing what one finds in obscure corners of one's hard drive...

It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.
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I can hear my ears
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who the hell are you now?
This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality
Embrace this moment, remember
We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion ~MJKeenan
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Before there was The Cellar, there was KAOS. There were tag lines. The Friday, March 29th tells us it was either 1985 or 1991. I'll guess 1991. WB M. Mitch.
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King Of Wishful Thinking
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Welcome back MM! It's been a long time. Have you been lurking or has it really been this long since you've been here?
Exercise your rights and remember your obligations - VOTE!
I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting. -- Barack Hussein Obama
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it's been THAT long. I just put a flea in his ear the other day.

He was a regular once upon a the Arms Locker, IIRC
Never be afraid to tell the world who you are. -- Anonymous
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kaos bbs philly 1990's

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