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My bf and his friends sat outside watching and drinking (and harrassing other drunks) while I surfed the web. I did see one...
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I forgot to look! It has been so clear and beautiful. Now I might have to wait several years before the next clear night sky.
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Originally Posted by Brianna View Post
Good name!
I thought so.

Apparently it's filing for emotional abuse.... after it gets theough the illegal immigration thing
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We were in the high desert of Bryce Canyon Utah for this event. It was absolutely spectacular, and we went to bed before it was supposed to get really good after midnight. Saw one meteor that went almost completely across the sky from one horizon to the other.

I've been in a lot of rural areas where you can see the stars very well, but I can't remember anywhere with better stars than Bryce. It's kind of freaky, there are so many.
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All you need is a lot less scattered light at ground level about you, and secondarily a few thousand feet of altitude. I've seen some nice sky from shipboard, nights. But a mile or two above sea level really helps too.

We were socked in at Hueneme; ten tenths. They did better at Mt. Pinos, a popular star-party site for the area.
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