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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
The Cellar was a force for good from 2001-2012. During that time it did what it was intended to do. We had glorious conversations about everything. We fought and still stayed here. New people came around all the time. Because they wanted to be social, and it was a new way of being social. Almost all the people you're thinking about, the people you value, are all from that era. Look at the Join Dates in this thread. What we have now is the leftover of that time.
During its heyday, the Cellar was difficult to stay on top of. There were so many posts. If you wanted to follow it all, then you had to give most of your day over to the Cellar.

So you had to choose maybe a dozen threads to follow, and even then, the posts came so quickly that if you saw a post that warranted a response, the conversation had often gone off in a completely different direction and to respond at that point would disrupt the flow of the conversation.

So it was good and manageable when it died down a little bit. It wasn't like drinking from a fire hose. Lately it died down way too much. 40 posts a week is nothing. Is that really true? What a trickle.

With the impending death, it's perking up a little bit in one last gasp, but there is still too much noise mixed in with the signal. And navel gazing, like this post, is probably part of that noise. *Shrug*
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