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Nook Color or Android Tablet -- You decide!

SonofV recently turned sixteen!

He's got plenty of technology already, but I wanted to get him something I hoped would help him with school. I'd seen wolf's glowing reviews of her Kindle, and that was briefly in the running. But then I heard this story on NPR about the process of turning the Nook Color into an Android tablet one morning and I had the Nook Color by that afternoon. On the same trip to the mall I got a (pair of) microSD card(s). Add to these a robust connection to Google and a stockpile of colorful language, and a few hours later, I transformed pic 01 into pic 02 thus:
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Nook Color but I don't need the full spectrum of stuff the android would allow.
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I saw the Ipad2 yesterday and I have to tell you I was pretty impressed.

My wife has the Kindle so if you just want a reader, she is really happy with that. For everything else I would go for the IPad.
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