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pensive pam
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I made a mistake...

I did not mean to disrespect mr. undertoads website. i am tired of being attacked , and people 'thead bumping' to remove 'me.' I am somewaht manic tonight as well. yes, i did beat teh hell out of MTP. but she deserved it. the fucking hick. i do not know what else to say. i have reched out to the mods, and Mr. toad as well. i have been met with silence.... I am sorry... i should not post while my medication is not even. please delete any negative post. i am ashamed. i am fucked. i am so sorry toad....please respond to my PM, even if you bann me. please! please! please!

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Goon Squad Leader
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Be Just and Fear Not.
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Big Sarge
Werepandas - lurking in your shadows
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Give a man a match, & he'll be warm for 20 seconds. But toss that man a white phosphorus grenade and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
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