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Islam and the Future of Tolerance

While IMO presenting more questions then answers, I thought this was a fascinating talk worth listening too:

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Good talk. I like the distinction made between Islam and Islamism.

Here's another article about tolerance among Muslims.

"The unique thing about the American experience is ... we are able to come to this country and practice the religion the way we want to, and to do it in a way that we're tolerant of each other," he says.


"Among my Sunni peers or family friends, I might not be that open about it. There's a long history of persecution against Shias, and you gotta be smart!" he says, laughing.

But Mazid says there's plenty they do agree on, and it's frustrating others can't see past the ideas that divide. He's especially tired of people nitpicking differences in the small things, like how to stand during prayer.

"It doesn't matter," he says. "It's about the message itself."

Mazid says that's why he likes this center. These issues aren't fought over here. Ali Sheikhulislami, the mosque leader, says that's the point of this place, to break down those walls. And, he says, being far from the Middle East gives room for that.
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