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Sharpton has tried to modify his firebrand image of the '80s into something more positive. I applaud him for that, although some of the things he still says irritate me. Until he further mends his ways, I can't vote for him.

I highly doubt that an Orthodox Jew will ever be elected president. The US does not stop running between Friday sundown and Saturday sundown. In addition, Lieberman's too much like Tipper on the censorship issue.

I lived in Gephardt's district for over 20 years...nice guy, political putz.

I'm not happy with the current Dem candidates...of course, none of them have really said a whole lot yet. Maybe Ed should run.

My secret wish of the moment: John McCain either switches parties or goes independent...not necessarily to run for President, but just to irritate Dubya that much more.
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I thought I changed this.
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Anybody else catch the pilot episode of Chappelle's Show? Quality skit on racism.
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