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Old 03-23-2004, 12:46 AM   #16
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Originally posted by wolf
But horses, generally, are dumb as posts. Even the smart ones.
I donno... Mr. Ed was pretty smart... Also, Mr. Horse was also quite an amusing fellow.

They also have a tendency to panic and run first, and start thinking after their slow little brains catch up with the rest of their bodies. This works well for them in the wild, but less so around humans. (Anyone who has ever ridden a horse which shies and bolts knows exactly what I'm talking about here.)
You have to admit, the picture of a blind guy being drug down the street by a paniced miniature horse is pretty damn amusing!


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Apparently the big horses, in this case Tennessee Walkers in Oriental, NC, wear booties too.
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So ... I guess my shorter answer would be the purpose of the shoes is for traction, protection of the hoof, and to cut down on the "clip clop" noise.
I just figured they were to keep from tearing up the floor if the my-little-pony comes inside.

How long, however, before we learn of the sortid conditions at the Fillipino sweatshops that crank out these little horse booties?
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Tennesee Walkers in their full walking gait have a tendency to overstride. The booties protect the front hooves and hocks from being hit and injured by the rear hooves.
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