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Around here the regular set top box is $3 and the HD box is $10 if you want HD.
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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
Yeah, it's looking like I have to rent some sort of a set top box for around $10-$20 a month to get the TV service.
With either service, the cable must enter into a master box. That box separated the TV, internet and telephone signals.

An RJ-11 telephone receptacle connects your existing phone via a standard RJ-11 connector. You could even connect one phone directly instead of the entire house.

An RJ-6 connector connects all cable TV wires to that port. RJ-6 port. Generally, a decoder box at each TV determines what services you have authorized. And becomes the remote control box.

A router connects directly into an RJ-45 receptacle - just like the ethernet cables you currently have. They generally provide that Wifi router - another box.

With either service, first route phone lines and ethernet wires to that common service entrance location. They will probably route new RG-6 coax cables to each TV.

Best is to already have a two plug receptacle waiting for their service to connect to. Better is to have that powered from its own circuit or from a lightly used circuit - one not likely to trip. Best for hardware protection is that cable (Comcast or Fios) entering at the same location as AC electric. And to an earth ground rod that you were required to have and connected to the breaker box.

Best to have an open location on that wall where a maybe 3 x 3 foot plywood sheet can become the mouting surface for their interface box and battery backup power box. And maybe the WiFi router. IOW at least two AC receptacles will be required.
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Resurrecting this thread.

Should I get a new wifi router, and how would that work with my setup?

I recently read a NY Times article about how we should all be upgrading our routers and why. My current router came from Verizon in Jan. 2009. We had no wifi devices in our house then, just one computer on a cat5 cable. Today we have 4 smartphones made by 3 manufacturers, two laptops, one printer, and one thermostat that all use the wifi. Zero wifi devices to 8 wifi devices in as many years. We're having connectivity issues with the wifi.

So that NY Times article links to a website that rates routers, and they point to this router as being outstanding and a good price. Only problem is it is a little technical to set up.

My FIOS setup is the wall mounted box that has a coaxial internet cable that goes to the 2008 Verizon wifi router. This new router I'm thinking of buying does not have a coaxial input. The FIOS box on the wall has an Ethernet hub jack, but the light next to it is not lit up, and when I do research online, it sounds like Verizon needs to turn that on the get it to work. I don't know if I have to pay for that. So I guess my question is, do I need to look for a wifi router with a coaxial input, or can I run a network cable off of this old router to a new one and have two routers? I don't know much of anything about networking. Will that confuse all my devices because they won't know which router to talk to? Do I call Verizon and ask them to flip a switch to turn on the Ethernet Hub Jack? And how do I configure a new router if I buy one?

I've never done any of this before. It's kind of crazy that you have to basically be a network admin these days just to live your modern life.
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I just spoke to comcast, and i'm not getting the max thruput either. I have to upgrade to a wireless gateway (combo router, modem, voice) to get the 150 down speed I am paying for. It's free, I just have to shlepp to the comcast store, wait in line with the losers
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We just bought a new router a couple of weeks ago, they do seem to wear out after a few years. I looked for a review article but didn't see that one.

I believe, if you are plugging in the coax, that's a modem, not a router
Notice that router you link to doesn't have a coax input, only the blue cat 5 socket marked internet.

The modem takes the coax signal from the provider and turns into the internet in a cat5 tube. A router just divides that into portions, some for wifi some for the hardlines.

So, read your post again properly: We rent the modem from comcast then plug that into a router, but you can buy them, we rent because, like Jim found, they need upgrading every now and then, and they just provide the new one. I don't know how that would work for FIOS.

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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
First we should define some boxes. FIOS cable enters a box called the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). This splits fiber communication into phone, internet, and cable TV. Phone is obvious - a four wire RJ-11 port (as also found on phones).

Coax cable feeds cable TV boxes. Here is the rub (if I remember it correctly). If you have TV service, then internet must also be from that coax cable. No TV service means you can connect direct to the Ethernet (RJ-45) port.

That is what I remember - and that may only be unique to Alcatel-Lucent ONTs. It does not hurt to try it yourself. Connect your computer's ethernet port directly to that Ethernet jack.

Lights in the ONT that are relevant include one labeled POTS. It would be on constant when a phone is off hook; off when all phones are on hook.

I believe the relevant light is Network. If I remember, it is on if it detects a router either on coax connection or ethernet port. Flashes when data is transferring.

You cannot use a router on both coax and ethernet. However, I believe the ONT finds the appropriate port and used it - no Verizon configuration necessary.

Ethernet port can connect to a router or directly to a computer. It that connection works, then a light at both ends (also on computer or router) indicates a good connection. IOW if using FIOS TV, I believe that ethernet port light will not report a good connection.

Coax router is actually a router and modem. I believe and DOCSIS 3 modem will work on that coax. Of course, coax splitters must also be used to connect both TV and coax modem/router to that shared coax cable.

This stuff is not complex. What makes it hard is Verizon's need to starve you of facts. Their documentation is for people who really barely read. More useful information can come from the ONT manufacturer. First you must identify the manufacturer and ONT model number.

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Originally Posted by Beest View Post
We just bought a new router a couple of weeks ago, they do seem to wear out after a few years.
Routers never wear out. A router can be damaged by an event made probable by a human mistake. A a router works at 100% - or it fails.
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