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Snapchat's snap map

I just discovered this thing. My wife and kids encouraged me to join snap chat to communicate with them instead of by text. It's got fun filters and stickers and stuff to make the texts more interesting than a normal text. But then they disappear after you look at them. Weird system. Overall it's kind of neat though, and it seems to be popular with the kids today.

But the really cool thing I discovered is that you can make some of your snaps (texts) public by making them a "story," and then they show up as a blob on a map anyone can click. They remain there for a day. I started looking at this map, and all these short video snaps located all over my town. And then I expanded the map to see where my daughter is at college and watched a few snap videos of stuff people around her there are doing. So then I went out further and was looking all over. You can see things like concerts in a stadium that have dozens of snap videos posted of it. It's pretty neat. You can see what's happening all over the world right now. Most of it is mundane stuff like playing with cats in an apartment in the Maldives. But I noticed that in Kandy, Sri Lanka there is a big elephant festival going on right now where they parade costumed elephants while spinning fire sticks around.

Anyway, if you have snapchat and haven't poked around the snap map yet, give it a try. The whole world is on display. And everyone is basically just like us, watching TV and playing with kittens.
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wait, so if I get snapchat, I can play with kittens?
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I tried using it a couple of years ago it was a PITA. Always holding your finger on your phone.
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