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Would it be better...

This article is from The Guardian about England.
My entire life experience has been in the U.S.
I believe much of it applies here too.

Would it be better for society to let bigots openly say what they think?
The Guardian - Paul Mason - 11/16/14

There is evidence that equality legislation has forced racist and homophobic behaviour underground. ...
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Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
Would it be better for society to let bigots openly say what they think?
I believe this topic is based in a supposition that same racism still exists even if not overt. Racism that came from a parent teaching his kids to hate is mostly gone because others openly confronted that reason for bias. But now move on. For example, a black NPR reporter took psychology tests. He discovers he was more likely to shoot a black man than a white man. Is this black man racist? Of course not. But we all have these subconscious biases. We eliminated overt racism. Now we must address another type of bias.

It is not just limited to white v. black. We are all biased against short men and fat women. IOW its it not about race. It is about judging people based in first impressions. We all do it. Some more than others.

As a black NPR reporter discovered, he had biases against black men that he did not even know he had. We all have those same 'problems'.
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