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I never thought about a need for this...

Libraries in New York and Seattle Area Staging a Battle of the Sorters
NY Times - EMILY S. RUEB - NOV. 6, 2015

Mechanized sorters like New York’s are relatively rare in the library universe.
Seattle, hometown of Amazon, had the first. They call it the Tin Man.
In a brick building in Long Island City, Queens, lives the thumping heart
of the New York and Brooklyn Public Libraries. There, at the Library Services Center,
a $2.3 million Lyngsoe machine called the Sorter does its work.

Each day, about 30,000 books, DVDs, CDs and other bar-coded items
requested by patrons take a spin on its 238-foot-long conveyor.
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Wow, never thought of that, would take a lot of two cent library fines to buy that sucker.

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