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Old 03-25-2004, 10:48 PM   #1
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Videogames and the Gaming Gamers who Play Them

I'm curious... how many people here play videogames at least occasionally? (Console or PC?)

On the one hand, this is a pretty savvy group of individuals, whom I wouldn't expect to subscribe to the "playing videogames turns people into stark raving psychopaths" school of thought... but on the other hand, the age range here is a little broader and more evenly spread than most internet forums I think, so perhaps there could be an overriding disinterest for many members, I'm not sure.
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Old 03-25-2004, 11:12 PM   #2
Radical Centrist
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I'm an "older" PC gamer: strategy, fps, sports, simulations.
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Old 03-25-2004, 11:28 PM   #3
to live and die in LA
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RPGs (Morrowind)


Real-time Strategy (Warcraft)

The bummmer is that now I am totally mac, so I don't have the same range of products available. I may have to just get a gaming PC for kicks

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Old 03-25-2004, 11:59 PM   #4
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A round of Tactical Ops for UT every couple of days (like CS for UT but better and cheat-free on good servers).

Used to play lots of games like Civ but I can't feel I can justify the time expense anymore. I should mention though I still play Fallout on occasion and own both for Mac and PC. Interplay will rot in hell for cancelling F3.
Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
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Old 03-26-2004, 12:24 AM   #5
lobber of scimitars
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PC and Console gamer ... from way back.

Have a PSOne on the upstairs TV, downstairs on the "good" tv I have a switchbox to make it easier to decide to play with my Nintendo 64 and PS2. My SNES is on loan to my sister, who is probably not using it very much, and if I hadn't recently gotten a GameBoy Advance and Super Mario Advance 2 (the SNES Mario game I loved most) and the new Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, I would be more aggressive about getting the SNES back. THere's a GameBoy Color and a GameBoy Pocket around here somewhere too, but since the games will play on the advance, I've been sticking to that mostly.

I like all kinds of games, but much prefer first person shooter types. I'm also enjoying my way through the Silent Hill series, GTA3 & VC, State of Emergency, and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. I also have Gladius, but haven't put enough time into that, and love a spooky evening of Fatal Frame. Duke Nukem is still da man, and after a hard day at work I sometimes enjoy Cabela's Big Game Trophy Hunter on the PSOne. There's something just entirely right about being able to play videogames in bed.

I'll occasionally play a puzzle game like Bust-A-Move to clear that palate.

My real problem is that there are just not enough hours in the day to game, dammit!!

Could we have some added, please?

EDIT: Ooh forgot about the PC ... have Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Global Operations currently loaded. Think I saw the disks for Doom II in a recent rummage in a closet, might play that again. Oh yeah, Marine Sharpshooter is another one I've been playing around with too. Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza doesn't seem to like XP (or perhaps my video card) very much, so I uninstalled it. I got a copy of Vietnam MED-EVAC on sale for way cheap, still in the shrinkwrap.

wolf eht htiw og

"Conspiracies are the norm, not the exception." --G. Edward Griffin The Creature from Jekyll Island

High Priestess of the Church of the Whale Penis

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Old 03-26-2004, 06:04 AM   #6
Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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Currently replaying System Shock 2. I just played Tron 2.0, and it made me want to go back to the inspiration. Damn, System Shock 2 is a kickass game.
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Old 03-26-2004, 06:36 AM   #7
Junior Master Dwellar
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I used to play alot more console, but now I'm more into PC games.

Console: PSOne,
Games: FF 7 8 9, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, etc.

PC Games:
Warcraft 2 and 3
Starcraft 2
Pharoah; Cleopatra
Black and White; Creature Isle
Creatures 1 2 3
Neverwinter Nights; Shadows of Unrentide
Age of Empires 2; Age of Kings
Sims (not the online kind), no expansion
Heroes of Might and Magic 1 2 3 (have 4 but it blows)
Empire Earth
Thief Gold
Tribes 2
Baldurs Gate 1 2
Risk (computer cheats)
Unreal Tournament 2003
Quake 3


Dark Age of Camelot; Shrouded Isles; Trials of Atlantis

I think I'm going to go pick up Horizons today and try it out. It looks pretty cool.
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Old 03-26-2004, 06:39 AM   #8
Operations Operative
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I'm an occasional player. Used to have a gamecube and they had pretty good games compared to XBOX, I find most "modern" games way too difficult, and don't enjoy shooter/hack and slash type games. The games I've enjoyed most would describe as kiddie by some.

Now that I have a modded XBOX, I really like the golf games. I've recently started morrowind and I am totally lost...we may need to talk smoothmoniker.
If you spot a tornado, always remember to point at it, yell "tornado!", and run like hell.
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Old 03-26-2004, 08:10 AM   #9
Syndrome of a Down
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Between the Atari 2600's release and last week, there are only a small number of US-released systems that I _don't_ have. (I'm missing the Fairchild Channel F, the Emerson Arcadia, the Atari Lynx, the Sega Nomad, the small line of APF systems, the RCA Studio II, the Neo-Geo, the Nintendo 64 and the Xbox. I have absolutely zero interest in the N64 and nearly zero in the Xbox.)

I have the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, 400, XEGS and Jaguar, the Mattel Intellivision, Intellivision II and Aquarius, a pile of ColecoVisions, three Vectrexes, an Odyssey^2, a Bally Astrocade, the Sega Master System, Genesis, CDX, Saturn and Dreamcast, the Nintendo NES, SNES, GameCube and (through my wife) Game Boy line, a 3DO, PlayStation 1 and 2, a NEC TurboGrafx, TurboDuo and two TurboExpresses, a handful of NeoGeo Pocket Colors, and a Microvision.

Plus a pinball machine (Funhouse) and an Athlon 1300 filled with games and emulators.

I guess you could say that I'm at least an occasional gamer.

(blue, throw out the questions. I've spent more time on Morrowind than I care to admit to.)
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Old 03-26-2004, 08:23 AM   #10
Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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I played Morrowind for months, and also Tribunal. I've got the werewolf expansion on my stack of "to-play" games. I love the Elder Scrolls games. I even slogged my way through the painful bug-ridden hell of Daggerfall because in my mind I was playing the game it should have been.
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Old 03-26-2004, 08:34 AM   #11
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Started with Myst then moved on to Duke Nukem 3D then Quake then Half Life.

In all, I think I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D the most.

Doom 3 is my next foray. Or if they ever finish the next Duke Nukem.
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Old 03-26-2004, 08:59 AM   #12
dar512 is now Pete Zicato
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Mostly PC games. But last year I got a Gameboy Advance SP.

Favorite game of all time has to be Duke Nukem 3D. Love the wisecracks. Yes, I realize they're Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead etc.) rip-offs. But no worse off for wear.

Also enjoyed the various Quakes.

On the GBASP: Circle of the Moon and Legend of Zelda Link to the Past
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Old 03-26-2004, 09:43 AM   #13
Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: DC
Posts: 13,575
I played through Myst in one day with a friend. Unfortunately, we didn't figure out the rotating tower until after we tried every safe combination from 001 to 6 something something to get the matches... Since then I cheat too much (hint guides on the web), but I still enjoy puzzle games. Just finished Uru. Gorgeous graphics.
|...............| We live in the nick of times.
| Len 17, Wid 3 |
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Old 03-26-2004, 09:59 AM   #14
The urban Jane Goodall
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Florida
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Morrowind, Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil, Freecell
I have gained this from philosophy: that I do without being commanded what others do only from fear of the law. - Aristotle
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Old 03-26-2004, 10:21 AM   #15
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Location: Austin, TX
Posts: 20,012
Or if they ever finish the next Duke Nukem.

Heh, uh... yeah. I've got a friend who's working on that (a real friend, not a "code word for me" friend)... he doesn't tell me everything, but I personally wouldn't expect it this year.

Damn, that's a massive PC to console ratio, bigger than I was expecting. Is it just because you don't want to pay the extra cost of buying a console when you already have a PC, or that you don't want to take over the TV, or is it just you prefer the type of games you find on the PC versus a console?

And to be fair, I'll answer my own question: I own a Gamecube, PS2, two Playstations (one standard and one mod-chipped--for playing Japanese games, not for burns mind you), and I play them all when I have time, but my husband plays them more. He also plays PC games, but I haven't much at all in the last several years--except for the Sims. I attribute that to the complete disintegration of the adventure genre, nobody makes things like Space Quest anymore.

My favorite game of all time? A solid tie between VibRibbon (Japanese, Playstation) and Dance Dance Revolution.
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