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Griff 12-04-2015 06:30 AM

Scott Weiland of STP and Velvet Revolver dead at 48.

Gravdigr 12-04-2015 10:28 AM

WTF!?!?? Uh-uh...

Edit: Damn if he ain't. 48. Forty. Fucking. Eight.

Dude rocked.

Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots


monster 12-04-2015 11:16 AM

I heard that on the radio on my way home :( Found on the tourbus

Undertoad 12-04-2015 12:01 PM

Who had him in the death pool?

lumberjim 12-04-2015 01:28 PM

That tugged at a memory, so I had to check mine. I have Axl Rose. close, but no casket.

Undertoad 12-04-2015 04:26 PM

Well are we stupid? Could have gotten this one easy.

lumberjim 12-04-2015 09:03 PM

I'm stupid

Gravdigr 12-28-2015 02:28 PM

The Harlem Globetrotters' Meadowlark Lemon, dead in Scottsdale, AZ.

Crimson Ghost 12-28-2015 08:33 PM

Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister

monster 12-28-2015 09:13 PM

:( two days after diagnosis. holy fuck

Griff 12-28-2015 11:21 PM

Whoa, seriously?

Crimson Ghost 12-29-2015 01:26 AM


Wish it was a joke.
It's not.

be-bop 12-29-2015 01:50 PM

There have only been a few famous people who's death have had any real impact on me but when I saw the news today about Lemmy's demise just knocked the stuffing out of me.
I've been a fan of Motorhead and Lemmy for years and the old sod seemed indestructible but I suppose the lifestyle does catch up with you in the end.
I remember talking to him years ago after a gig and he signed an album I had of his, he took his time talking to all the fans after the gig and he was such a gentleman taking time to chat and only left when two roadies dragged him back to the tour bus , must have been there a couple of hours
RIP my man you will be greatly missed

Griff 12-29-2015 02:00 PM

Thanks for sharing that.

lumberjim 12-29-2015 02:28 PM

Ace of Spades

This is my At Bat Song

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man
You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say
I don't share your greed, the only card I need is
The ace of spades, the ace of spades

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil
Going with the flow, it's all a game to me
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you
Double up or quit, double stake or split
The ace of spades, the ace of spades

You know I'm born to lose and gambling's for fools
But that's the way I like it, baby
I don't wanna live for ever
And don't forget the joker

Pushing up the ante, I know you got to see me
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be
The ace of spades, the ace of spades

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