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xoxoxoBruce 04-16-2019 06:35 AM


Spexxvet 04-16-2019 08:36 AM

Tommy Lee Jones?

fargon 04-16-2019 09:39 AM

I cheated, but I won't tell.

Flint 04-16-2019 12:50 PM

Sean Connery?

Gravdigr 04-16-2019 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by fargon (Post 1030502)
I cheated, but I won't tell.

Me, too, neither.

Good one, Bruce.

And Sean Connery was not a terrible guess. I can see it. A little.

Flint 04-16-2019 01:00 PM

Yeah, I ended up cheating too. I'd thought of Connery because I was trying to think of dudes with a powerful, intense kind of half-squinting look in their eyes.

Flint 04-16-2019 01:04 PM

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Anyways, look at this:

Clodfobble 04-16-2019 11:03 PM

I'mma say Bob Mueller?

xoxoxoBruce 04-17-2019 02:11 AM

Nope nobody guessed it yet. I suspected it would be difficult but I'll give it a little more time.

glatt 04-17-2019 01:23 PM

Kinda not really looks like Robert Blake

xoxoxoBruce 04-18-2019 01:47 AM

Nope, it's Che.

fargon 04-18-2019 04:21 PM

A 24ish Che.

Gravdigr 04-19-2019 12:13 PM

This is the hint I was gonna give:

xoxoxoBruce 04-22-2019 04:29 AM

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This be whom?

Carruthers 04-22-2019 05:05 AM

David Bowie

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