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xoxoxoBruce 09-20-2019 10:32 AM

Sept 20th, 2019 : Grasshopper Mouse
♫ She's a Killer Mouse
Gunpowder powerhouse,
♫ Dynamite like the ex-spouse
Guaranteed to blow your mind
♫ Anytime
But their so cute.

The three types of Grasshopper Mice range from the Canadian plains to Mexico, are immune to most venoms, hunt like a cat, and
howl at the Moon like a wolf. Actually they howl when thereís no Moon too, staking out the territory around their kill so they can
eat in peace. Ha, good luck with that, you just told your enemies where you are. :dunce:

The Grasshopper Mouse may be a primary or secondary consumer. When the mouse eats a plant itís a primary, and the snake that
eats the mouse is secondary, making the bird that eats the snake tertiary. If the an insect eats a plant and the mouse eats the
insect itís a secondary and the snake tertiary.
Mice, rodents in general, are omnivores eating seeds, grains, veggies, meat, insects, most anything they can get.
The Grasshopper mouse prefers to be a carnivore. Kill! Kill! They ainít scairt of no Scorpions... yum yum. :yum:


The northern grasshopper mouse is an altricial species; baby mice are naked with closed eyes when they are born, and weigh about three grams. Both sexes reach their sexual maturity at three months, but the lifespan of a typical mouse living in the wild is only a few weeks to a few months.

Good thing they don't live long or we might run out of scorpions and millipedes. :rolleyes:

You can see it howl at National Geographic u-tube.

I jhad this damn thing loaded last night, hit preview and my computer says can't get there from here. Back up and it's all there, hit preview and same shit. Tried post, nope. Verizion was down. :mad:


Diaphone Jim 09-20-2019 11:12 AM

Any carnivorous rodent that is 5" long without the tail I call a rat.
My old (see the thread elsewhere) ears can't hear the howl.

xoxoxoBruce 09-20-2019 11:18 AM

I have to crank up my hearing aid but it's hard because that guy keeps yapping.

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