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wolf 05-22-2003 12:31 PM

The Cellar: Small Village, Numerous Idiots

dave 05-22-2003 01:02 PM

I thought it was funny.

Tobiasly 05-22-2003 01:41 PM


Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
Mistake. Never confuse ignorance with intelligence. Also sometimes people write with passion or hurriedly. I've written posts and reread them over several times, only to go back the next day to find I've written the instead of they. It's funny how, when editing you can read what you're thinking instead of what you're writing. But, maybe this only happens to me. :D
OK, maybe a little hyperbole on my part.

Since I "think aloud" in my head while I type, one of my most common mistakes is typing "ov" instead of "of".

xoxoxoBruce 05-22-2003 04:42 PM


And therein lies my humor.
Made me laugh.:D

OK, maybe a little hyperbole on my part.
And I was trying to cover for my stupidity.;)

Uryoces 05-27-2003 12:52 PM

From my www /wuh-wuh-wuh/ page:

The Cellar: Good ideas; bad ideas that are good.

xoxoxoBruce 05-27-2003 05:31 PM

The Cellar - Lots of 2 cents.
The Cellar - Add your 2 cents to the pot.
The Cellar - Where 2 cents makes sense.
The Cellar - Your 2 cents is not nonsense.
Sorry UT, mental diarrhea.:D

juju 06-04-2003 01:27 PM

The Cellar: Welcome to the world of the overeducated and underemployed.

Odd_Bloke 06-04-2003 02:20 PM

The Cellar: Do Not Come Near (for the teenage audience ;) )

The Cellar: It-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named

The Cellar: Join and think up a better slogan than this.

Griff 06-04-2003 02:30 PM

The Cellar- Your boss already hates us, why don't you?

elSicomoro 06-04-2003 07:53 PM

Welcome to the Cellar, now go home!

juju 06-04-2003 08:25 PM

The Cellar: Sycamore is a pussy. Please don't fuck him.

elSicomoro 06-04-2003 08:32 PM

The Cellar: Juju is from Arkansas. Need we say more?

juju 06-04-2003 08:39 PM

You bastard!

xoxoxoBruce 06-05-2003 04:22 PM

Play nice, boys.:(

Griff 06-05-2003 04:27 PM

The Cellar- Where Lassie found Timmy

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