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xoxoxoBruce 11-06-2016 08:20 PM

Death of the sandman...

Gravdigr 11-07-2016 11:16 AM

I didn't really need the "Unsatisfying" compilation.

All I need to do for that kind of thing is wake up. Or, try anything. Story of my life.

In fact, that should be the name of that clip. "The Story of Gravdigr's Life".

Gravdigr 11-07-2016 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 972872)
Death of the sandman...

Gravdigr 11-07-2016 11:20 AM

Kidding. I found it hard to look away.

xoxoxoBruce 11-07-2016 12:27 PM

Yeah, compelling and revolting at the same time. You know it's just sand but the humanoid shape causes that, I guess.
Fun on acid though. :lol:

fargon 11-07-2016 05:24 PM

I found it disturbing. EEK!!!

Carruthers 11-12-2016 01:54 PM

Apologies for posting the first video again, (see the 'Dog' thread) but it needs to be here to provide some context for the second video.

Trumpoline? ;)

Gravdigr 11-12-2016 02:52 PM


xoxoxoBruce 11-15-2016 03:59 AM

Vikings and swords and evil... suggest you embiggen and turn the sound down.

xoxoxoBruce 11-18-2016 08:47 AM

Bond, James Bond, all his gadgets...

xoxoxoBruce 11-19-2016 04:43 PM

The secret lives of stuff...

classicman 12-05-2016 11:37 AM

xoxoxoBruce 12-12-2016 06:05 PM

This ain't your kid's soapbox derby...

BigV 12-16-2016 12:04 AM

I kept waiting for the guy to impale himself on his steering bar.


glatt 12-16-2016 07:26 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed it. That steering system is a new one to me, but appeared to be standard on all the carts. And those wheels are horrible.

It got so I could see the curves he would be wiping out on. I felt like I was learning the handling of the cart faster than he was.

The seemingly obvious tip, just like with Mario Carts, is that it's faster to slow down a little on the curves, because they pass you when you crash, and you pass them when they crash.

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