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xoxoxoBruce 04-22-2017 12:31 AM

April 22nd, 2017: The Weed Nuns
The Sisters of the Valley, California's self-ordained "weed nuns," are on a mission to heal and empower
women with their cannabis products. They stress they're not affiliated with the Catholic church. "We're
against religion, so we're not a religion. We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists, and we reach back
to pre-Christian practices,” said 58-year-old Sister Kate, who founded the sisterhood in 2014.

From a photo spread by Reuters

California "weed nun" Christine Meeusen, (R), and India Delgado, who goes by the name Sister Eevee,
smoke a joint at Sisters of the Valley near Merced, California. Based near the town of Merced in the
Central Valley, which produces over half of the fruit, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States,
the Sisters of the Valley grow and harvest their own cannabis plants.
............ I've a hunch the (R) means right, not Republican.


The Sisters sustain their farm operations and their compassionate activism by making products for the
people in a spiritual environment. The Sisters respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth
and work hard to bridge the gap between her and her suffering people.


The Sisters prepare all of their products during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. They are
activists on a mission to empower people to heal themselves.
..........................................................................I'd praise the lord for that branch too.


CBD Infused Oil
People all around the world are discovering amazing benefits of CBD. The Sisters’ CBD-infused oil is
made with hemp plant material and liquid coconut oil and is taken like a tincture, dropped on or
under the tongue.

CBD Tincture
The Sisters’ CBD tincture is made from plant and food-grade alcohol, blessed and turned morning and
night during the moon cycle. Both the CBD-infused oil and the CBD tincture contain 500 mg of CBD and
the difference is the preference in taste.

CBD Salve
The most popular of the Sisters’ products is the topical CBD salve. The public has been very
experimental with this multi-purpose topical and found an amazing number of ways it alleviates
suffering and promotes health.

Sage Stick
For thousands of years, in hundreds of cultures across the planet, white sage has been known to be
sacred and was burned to chase away dark energies, to cleanse the air, and for blessings. The Sisters
make their stage sticks by hand, on the farm, in the twilight hours of the evening.


Clary Sage Spray
This spray was developed by the Sisters as a sort of ‘travel smudge-stick’.
Made with moonwater and Clary sage.

Palo Santo Holy Wood
Palo Santo is known to be a mystical tree and, in Spanish, the name means ‘holy wood’. Much like our
white sage / holy sage bundles, it is used to clear the energies and calm the home or work-space.
The tree is part of the citrus family and has a sweet aroma when burned.
Now they knew Reuters was coming with cameras to do a story, so for all we know the normally wear
shorts and a T shirt, or be naked.
I don't know if the nun thing was to skirt laws like the peyote deal, or an advertising schtick, but I've got
to hand it to these women they've got their shit together. :notworthy

footfootfoot 04-22-2017 11:16 AM

I give them three feet up.

sexobon 04-22-2017 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 987290)
... Now they knew Reuters was coming with cameras to do a story, so for all we know the normally wear
shorts and a T shirt, or be naked. ...

Oh no, that would mean they've kicked the habit.

BigV 04-22-2017 02:08 PM

Dropped the habit

sexobon 04-22-2017 02:49 PM

Must've picked up a bad habit.

Gravdigr 04-22-2017 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 987290)
so for all we know the normally wear
shorts and a T shirt, or be naked.

♪ ♫I got a woman
Who's wild as Rome
She likes being naked
And gazed upon♪ ♫

~"Drunken Poet's Dream" by Ray Wylie Hubbard

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