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MsSparkie 07-30-2006 01:10 PM

The Body Language of Women
Many of these have merit I believe; some are assinine....LOL

"A gesture is a gesture

Body language is a discipline about non-verbal behavior, there are more and more followers of it all over the world. Among them there are respected scientists who attach less and less significance to words and places the emphasis in communication on the role of body language. Reportedly this way it is possible to tell much more and even to learn much more information about the partner. Gestures, body language and intonation affect the communication at a proportion of more than 90%. Words as such prove to be insufficient in a successful communication.

It seems to be simple, but despite this fact there are still a great number of inapprehensive men. They don’t pay attention to the women’s behavior, swallow every word they say, and muck up the opportunity of further developing their acquaintances. But women’s gestures are univocal! The experts of non-verbal behavior can only distinguish two types of women’s behavior. One carries the information that the woman does not feel like having sex. The other one means that she does. So women exploit body language and launch such codes that men have a very difficult job to tell what they are thinking of in fact. It would be so palpable to tell everything using words. I’ll try to help you avoid misunderstandings: I’ve put together a guide with the help of which beginners and “advanced users” are able to decode the behavior of every attractive woman.

1. She pushes her fingers through her hair
Clean and neat hair is as important for a woman as acceptable height, wide shoulders and biceps for a man. The woman who grooms her hair with high care expresses that she is full of energy and feels like doing certain family-friendly activities. Those that are familiar with body language claim that when a woman is regulating her hair she tries to call men’s attention upon herself. If she repeats this activity three times within a minute you can be sure that she would really love to be conquered. The way she touches her hair is also very important. It tells you information about her temperament. If she does it slowly you have encountered a cunning expert of the art of love. Quick, nervy movements disclose impatience or embarrassment.

2. She touches the edge of the glass with her fingers
Freudian psychologists interpret it as a sexual sign. This theory is supported by the women themselves, who claim that they deliberately pet the glass, in order to call the chosen man’s attention upon themselves. When you enter a bar and see a full-bosomed blonde touching and caressing her martini glass so that it’d scream, do not think that she is expressing her musicality this way. Don’t ask her whether she is playing the latest hit of Iglesias. This question would not be appropriate. Instead of asking stupid questions, notice the way she is playing the “musical instrument”. Elegant, caressing movement is a sign of intrinsic calmness, self-control and waiting, so sit by her. Her beating a rhythm on the glass with her nails is a sign of impatience or a broad hint of SOS, which she’s sending to her boyfriend, who is fighting for another Bailey’s at the bar.

3. She leans on her elbow
According to Aristotle a woman’s hand tells us the most information. According to experts of body language women disclose what they think of us with their gestures. If she leans on her hand with her chin and her eyes seem to be thinking, it’s not always the sign of her being impressed by your appearance. Generally the woman tries to answer her own question this way: “Does this guy deserve me?” You do know the answer, but the lady needs time. If you want to help her make the only right decision, be politely determinate and determinately polite. Flash your sense of humor as well.

4. She sits back with her arms crossed together
This is the worst possible that you can encounter in a bar or disco, when you’re out hunting. This gesture is the evidence of the fact that you’ve had the worst impression of all on the woman and she doesn’t trust you at all. Nothing helps here, neither refined jokes, nor nice, muscular body. The best method at the beginning of the fight for her grace is to ask her what she’s drinking at the moment. Don’t buy her a drink for a start because this way she’s going to think that “this guy has no fantasy at all”.

5. She wets her lips
If a woman wets her lips quite frequently, it’s absolutely a sexual sign, unless she has herpes. According to anthropologists women give us to understand that they wouldn’t mind us putting something between their wet lips. Hope you know what.

6. She delves in her nose
You’re wrong if you think that this is a sign of her sexual appetite. Scientist have been arguing for years about the meaning of this gesture. According to one group of scientists the lady is underbred. On the other hand the other group thinks the finger in the nose symbolizes the gross hairs of the thighs and lap.

7. She lashes her eye-lashes
According to famous experts of the topic and authors of cheap romantic stories the fast movement of the eye-lashes is the sign of women who like to conquer men of their own accord. Besides they are emancipated, who like to take over the duty of initiation. They aren’t waiting for your jokes and wide smile. They undertake to initiate. The only problem with such ladies is that not all of them will enjoy herself in the role of the doped out game. But if you don’t mind losing the role of the hunter, swallow the bait.

8. She lets her legs swing
Researchers of body language emphasize that when a woman frequently crosses her legs or let them swing, is also a sexually charged movement. The strongest of all these movements is when she opens her legs without meaning it. It’s a classical Freudian opening symbol. (You must remember Sharon Stone opening her legs in such a beautiful way in Basic Instinct.) A contrary sign to this is when she puts her legs together. You have to interpret her choosing of shoes in a similar way. It is very important which pair of shoes she chooses to wear the given day. The more open the shoes are the more willing she is to “open”.

9. She dances with her hands
Having gauged the woman’s face and body most men concentrates on her hands. This is the most natural and normal thing to do – well-groomed long fingers, well-painted nails are significant erotic signs. However, the way the woman herself thinks of her hands is also very important. If she stares at them for a very long time, it may imply that something angers her (perhaps you?). if she beats the rhythm on the table or the bar means a similar state of mind. You think she’s a wild cat, but you’re wrong. She’s thinking about a way how she could get rid of you.

10. She bites her lips
When a woman is biting your lips, do not interrupt her – everything’s alright. But if she’s biting hers, you may assume that she’s nervous. Why? Perhaps you are staring at her too quizzing.

+1 Finally
From the paragraphs above you can see that each and every movement and gesture of a woman carry sexual meaning for a healthy man.

Feel her soul
You look at the woman and you don’t have the least idea what she wants from you. If you notice one of the hereunder mentioned ways of behavior, it means that there’s one thing that she wants from you, closer acquaintance, or even maybe sex.

She leers at you, laughs loudly, ogles, wets her lips, knobs her breasts or hip, listens to you very carefully, walks proudly, waves her hip, her style is eye-catching, crosses her legs and then puts them back, hides her face, pushes her fingers through her hair, enters your private area, touches herself (smoothes out her stocking or plays with the button of her blouse), touches the object of her interest, exaggerates her make-up or perfume, dresses up too elegant, whispers or tries to create an intimate environment some other way, stares at you too intensively, gauges you with her eyes and tries to stay tête-à-tête with you."

skysidhe 07-30-2006 02:09 PM

I can't believe you believe any of that?? I didn't . Pure B.S. ( no offense ) so I made my own list up.

1. She pushes her fingers through her hair.

She didn't have time to wash her hair before work. The hairspray she used to give it somekind of body itches her scalp. Or maybe those damn bangs keep getting in her eyes.

2. She touches the edge of the glass with her fingers.

Those freakin annoying optometrist cut the reading part of the glass too low. She has got to continually push the damn lense up her nose.

Oh you meant drinking glass.

She is thoughtful or nervous or just wants to draw 'your a jerk' in the frost of the glass.

3. She leans on her elbow.

I don't mind showing how incredibly bored I am of you.

4. She sits back with her arms crossed together.

I wish it wasn't so cold my nipples are showing. Damn.

6. She delves in her nose.

( haha whatever )

7.She lashes her eye lashes.

No one flutters their eyelashes any more! I can't believe this.

8. She lets her legs swing.

Shes probably wading at the lake.

If there closed together she is hibited and wants to be let loose.

9. She dances with her hands

They only show if they are relaxed or not. Look at the eyes!

10. She bites her lips


rkzenrage 07-31-2006 01:39 AM

Some fidgety women. I would probably get turned-off by it.

yesman065 07-31-2006 02:04 PM

MsSparkie, where do you find this 70's outdated crap - hell women today don't hesitate to let you know they are interested anymoreso than men do.

1. She says you're hot/attractive/sexy......

She thinks your hot/attractive/sexy......

2. Gives you the finger

Either she is not interested or has an anal fixation - you may or may not want to figger this one out. :)

MaggieL 07-31-2006 05:13 PM

11. She ostentatiously chambers a round in her sidearm.

She's *really* not interested.

rkzenrage 07-31-2006 07:09 PM

This is the same board that had a long discussion on the merits of lying to men and giving the wrong number... now it is "secret body language"?
What the hell is wrong with just being honest?
Women are always asking why they can't get a good man... it's because you are crazy.

wolf 07-31-2006 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by MaggieL
11. She ostentatiously chambers a round in her sidearm.

She's *really* not interested.

I pull out my spare magazine and write the name on the top round.

That seems to get the message across much more clearly.

Griff 07-31-2006 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by rkzenrage
Women are always asking why they can't get a good man... it's because you are crazy.

Amen. um... exception for the straight forward heavily armed types.

MsSparkie 07-31-2006 08:53 PM

Is this better?
The Direct Approach

I guess this is better.

WabUfvot5 07-31-2006 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by rkzenrage
What the hell is wrong with just being honest?
Women are always asking why they can't get a good man... it's because you are crazy.

Tell it on the mountain!

MsSparkie 07-31-2006 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by rkzenrage
What the hell is wrong with just being honest?
Women are always asking why they can't get a good man... it's because you are crazy.

LOL Yeah, that's it for sure......

My ex fiancee broke off our engagement 1-1/2 years ago because he had prostate problems that he suspected were serious, and said he was going to be impotent, wear diapers, etc. He didn't want anyone around.......he is a loner anyway, a long haul trucker.

So....he just let it go for 1-1/2 years.....till I called him a while ago and asked him how he was. I found a clinic for him to go to in his home state down south, and he finally, finally finally after all this time got the goods on his situation....but

Now it's too late....he has a year to has spread and they can't operate.....and they will give him meds that shrinks everything and slows it down that may add a year or two to his life.

So, was he a good man? I'm trying to decide. He wants back together for my support and love.

I don't feel romantic, but care.

So now he's gone and made it worse.

So I'm crazy???????????????????????????????????????

I don't think so.

Aliantha 08-01-2006 07:08 AM

Geez zome of these threads are funny. It's kind of like one of those national geographic books where they list the mating dances for exotic bugs.

What's so hard about figuring out if a woman wants you or not?

If she says she'd like to suck you dry it probably means she's going to give you a run for your money.

If she says she'd like to go home with you and then giggles, you'll probably get laid.

If she says she'd like to get to know you better, it means it's going to cost you more.

If she says fuck off, it means it's time to move on.


Aliantha 08-01-2006 07:13 AM

Sparkie...I'd hate to be in your situation. If it were me, I'd probably hang in there and take care of him out of some sense of pity associated with the past and what we'd shared. Maybe also genuine concern for someone who'd meant a lot in some way. I dunno though. I don't know shit about what you two shared, but it sounds pretty serious.

Everyone needs someone to help them in times like this. I imagine he must be terrified in so many ways.

It'll break your heart being there with him till the end, but then, it'll probably break your heart if you're not there either. Tough choice if you ask me. Lucky you have so many friends to help share the load huh?

MaggieL 08-01-2006 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by wolf
I pull out my spare magazine and write the name on the top round.

That requires you to know his name, though. I've implemented an "early decision" program. :-)

wolf 08-01-2006 10:25 AM

Asking the name makes you briefly appear interested. What you do with it afterwards really drives the point home, and crushes what's left of the ego.

But I like how you think.

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