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xoxoxoBruce 12-16-2017 09:28 PM

Dec 17th, 2017: World Plague
Thereís a virus spreading, a plague labeled Neo-Nazism, cropping up world wide.
It varies in different place itís broken out but itís always the same cause. People, usually poor but sometimes just less well off than they were,
looking for someone to blame. Even people who know they have slipped down the socio-economic ladder from their own indolence can draw
attention away from their failure by backing this cause.
Of course they canít blame the majority or people too powerful, that would be a losing battle.
The target of hate must be a minority population without too much power like immigrants, different religions/color, all others.


Their right hands rise to black-clad chests and flash out in salute to their nation: "Sieg heil!" They praise Hitler's devotion to ethnic purity.
But with their high cheekbones, dark eyes and brown skin, they are hardly the Third Reich's Aryan ideal. A new strain of Nazism has found an unlikely home: Mongolia.
Once again, ultra-nationalists have emerged from an impoverished economy and turned upon outsiders. This time the main targets come from China, the rising power to the south.
Groups such as Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, portray themselves as patriots standing up for ordinary citizens in the face of foreign crime, rampant inequality, political indifference and corruption.
But critics say they scapegoat and attack the innocent. The US state department has warned travellers of increased assaults on inter-racial couples in recent years Ė including organised violence by ultra-nationalist groups.
The common tool is violence, at least the threat of.


Dayar Mongol threatened to shave the heads of women who sleep with Chinese men. Three years ago, the leader of Blue Mongol was convicted of murdering his daughter's boyfriend, reportedly because the young man had studied in China.
Though Tsagaan Khass leaders say they do not support violence, they are self-proclaimed Nazis. "Adolf Hitler was someone we respect. He taught us how to preserve national identity," said the 41-year-old co-founder, who calls himself Big Brother.
"We don't agree with his extremism and starting the second world war. We are against all those killings, but we support his ideology. We support nationalism rather than fascism."
It is, by any standards, an extraordinary choice. Under Hitler, Soviet prisoners of war who appeared Mongolian were singled out for execution. More recently, far-right groups in Europe have attacked Mongolian migrants.
Different country, same plague. sigh


phelps 12-16-2017 11:58 PM


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