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xoxoxoBruce 04-27-2020 04:58 AM

Brits are a Randy Bunch
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It started with this...

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OK Google what’s dogging?
Dictionary - following closely and acting lazily. Ho Hum
But British slang...

Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so. There may be more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging.
That led to...

British poll by ALA insurance brokers.
49.3% have had sex in a car, men 54.2%, women 45.3%.
Most common 3 to 5 times, 10.6% more than 10 times.
Men 10.2% and women 3.6% say more than 20 times.

53.4% say pre-planned.
Parked on private land – 42.3%
Parked in public* – 32.6%
Driving in public* – 18.7%
Driving on private land* – 6.4%
*can be serious trouble

Norwich – tops
63.2% admit car sex, 21.1% more than 20 times.
But 41.7% said only private space available.

Newcastle – bottom
31.2% admit sex in a car.

Then METRO says....

As British an institution as fish and chips or the Queen’s corgi habit. Dogging is the act of public sex in a secluded or semi-secluded location, where those engaging in it allow others to watch them and may encourage viewers to join in. Brits love a quickie in public, with 43% of us owning up to public sex. Sex in cars is nearly as popular as al fresco loving, as 49% of people in a new survey admit to getting it on in an automobile. Only laws on speed limits are more regularly broken than those relating to public fornication.

We don’t know how many people in the UK are currently active in the dogging scene, but communities of dedicated doggers certainly exist online and information on the best dogging spots in your city or county are just a simple Google search away.
I was shocked, I tells ya, appalled!

Then I read their interviews with doggers at various levels.

That led to METRO interviews the hiring and the hired in the world of Naked House Cleaning.

I couldn't take any more, I just bookmarked everything and shut it down before I fainted from shock. :blush:

Carruthers 04-28-2020 06:56 AM


All things are pure to the pure in mind. ;)

BigV 04-28-2020 11:17 AM

Well, that explains a lot!

monster 04-28-2020 12:05 PM

"Quick widdle after that one, I should think! Lovely" :lol:

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