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DanaC 07-18-2014 09:20 AM

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Everyone will probably get this really quick but....

who dis?

Clodfobble 07-18-2014 09:41 AM

Heh... honest to God, my first reaction was Rik Mayall. :)

DanaC 07-18-2014 10:00 AM

Ha! I can see how you might think that. Not him though :p

Carruthers 07-18-2014 04:07 PM

David Tennant.

DanaC 07-18-2014 04:13 PM

Ding ding! We have a winner :P

Carruthers 07-18-2014 04:15 PM

I have a confession to make. I cheated.:sniff:

Gravdigr 07-18-2014 05:04 PM

:lol2: I was gonna say Emma Thompson! :lol2:

DanaC 07-18-2014 05:29 PM

It's from an episode of Rab C Nesbitt, early 90s.

My guess is you'll probably understand about a fifth of the dialogue, if you're lucky :p

Not the most sensitive handling of transgender, but it was 21 years ago.

xoxoxoBruce 07-18-2014 09:03 PM

I thought it looked like Dana with long hair. ;)

Spexxvet 07-19-2014 10:08 AM

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I was going to guess Adrian Brody

xoxoxoBruce 07-31-2014 12:27 AM

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Griff 07-31-2014 05:23 AM

My niece?

Carruthers 07-31-2014 05:46 AM

Barbara Stanwyck

xoxoxoBruce 07-31-2014 07:27 AM

We have a winner, pick any prize from the middle shelf, Sir.

glatt 07-31-2014 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Carruthers (Post 906058)
Barbara Stanwyck

I was just about to guess the same thing.

Edit: And hadn't seen Bruce's answer yet. Great job, carruthers.

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