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xoxoxoBruce 07-24-2015 02:29 PM

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Hit and run horse destroys kid's car.

xoxoxoBruce 08-03-2015 12:30 PM

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A horse with a drinking problem is heart breaking.

BigV 08-03-2015 01:13 PM

you can lead a horse to water, but he'll just play in the sprinklers.

xoxoxoBruce 08-07-2015 12:25 AM

Horses facial expressions.

Scientists at the University of Sussex have compiled a directory of facial expression in one of humanity’s oldest four-legged friends. Their Equine Facial Action Coding System (EquiFACS for short) has identified 17 discrete facial movements in horses that may indicate mood or intention or just bafflement.

This is at least three more than the facial expressions identified in chimpanzees. Dogs can get a message across with 16 different expressions. And human faces have 27 different ways of speaking silently, with the lips and eyes and the occasional wrinkled nose.

Carruthers 08-07-2015 02:46 AM

A TV ad for the '3' mobile phone network. Made in a location where there is no phone coverage. ;)

xoxoxoBruce 08-07-2015 01:19 PM

I suspect there was some CGI involved. Possibly alcohol too.

Carruthers 08-12-2015 01:28 PM

One of the Fullers Brewery Shire Horses has a liquid lunch at the British Beer Festival in London.

A number of breweries still have Shire Horse teams for PR and advertising purposes.
Most participate in the Heavy Horse musical drive at the Horse of the Year Show.

xoxoxoBruce 08-12-2015 07:34 PM

Hell yeah, if I spent all day in that harness I'd want a drink or two. After all, beer is made from what? Horse food. ;)

xoxoxoBruce 08-16-2015 11:18 AM

All's well that ends out of the well.

xoxoxoBruce 08-18-2015 09:14 PM

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From Cutaway World.

xoxoxoBruce 08-22-2015 01:05 AM

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The University of Toronto has digitized the official report on the 5th Olympiad in 1912, Sweden. It's pretty comprehensive at 1117 pages, with pictures of all the big shots, pictures of the facilities, the equipment, and athletes. Even the archery targets, shower rooms, the lady swimmers in their scandalous bathing attire, and some of the horses, which after all, is what this thread is about.

xoxoxoBruce 08-23-2015 12:02 PM

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The Piebald mare had twins... but one was a runt. ;)

xoxoxoBruce 08-27-2015 10:09 PM

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Working horses stop for a shot and a beer, in Malden, MA, ca 1906.

glatt 08-28-2015 07:59 AM

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This is the same intersection today. Not much looks familiar.
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But if you go down 50 feet to peek around the tree, you see that this building is still there.
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glatt 08-28-2015 08:04 AM

If I ran the historical society there, I'd totally put up a plaque with that old photo so you could compare old and new. I wouldn't even ask anyone permission. I'd just do it in broad daylight.

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