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Clodfobble 07-28-2017 09:06 PM

How has your personality screwed you over today?
I run a big annual event at my kids' school, like a thrift sale for outgrown uniforms. It's a massive event, with over 3,000 items each year personally sorted and hung on hangers by yours truly. Tomorrow is the big day. I have a bunch of volunteers coming to help with setup and the sale itself.

Unfortunately there were some time mixups, so I will be getting the doors unlocked at 9:00 and must field the early-access shoppers at 9:30, the big mass of people at 10:00. Not enough time. So I went today thinking I would kind of get a few things in place, lay stuff out for the volunteers so it would go a little faster.

And then I just stayed for 3 hours and did the whole thing.

I'm exhausted and sore, AND now all these volunteers are going to show up at 9:00 tomorrow and have absolutely nothing to do, all because I'm a stupid overachiever who can't walk away from a half finished job.

monster 07-29-2017 11:46 AM

set them to receive last minute donations and process. Doesn't matter if there aren't any :)

Undertoad 07-29-2017 12:26 PM

My personality defects screw me over every single day.

Undertoad 07-29-2017 12:28 PM

Er, but not to make it about me. I think yeah, in a case like this, "Oh I got started and couldn't help myself," should make anybody sensible just smile and think, I've been there, and anyway it saved me a bit of work, I'm cool with that.

glatt 07-29-2017 01:12 PM

How has your personality screwed you over today?
So how did it go this morning, Clodfobble?

Gravdigr 07-29-2017 02:24 PM


How has your personality screwed you over today?
It hasn't, yet. The day ain't over.


Originally Posted by Undertoad (Post 993018)
My personality defects screw me over every single day.


Clodfobble 07-29-2017 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by Undertoad
Er, but not to make it about me.

Everyone should! The thread was framed as a second-person question, after all.


Originally Posted by glatt
So how did it go this morning, Clodfobble?

Horrific but awesome. On the horrific side, the swiper for credit card sales broke, and I had to type in every card by hand, including name and everything. Also, the A/C was malfunctioning, and it definitely got to 95, maybe 100 degrees inside the small gym where we were. (It was 100 outside, and we had the doors open to cool off, but part of that included a slight breeze.) It got a lot better after the crowd died down and the sun got higher than the floor-to-ceiling windows. But we were all drenched in sweat.

On the awesome side, we managed. My volunteers kicked ass, and got another 300 or so new donations sorted and up on hangers while the event was going on. Preliminary sales count is $3,684, and we generally add another 30-40% during "Meet the Teacher" nights, i.e. Monday-Thursday of the coming week.

As of right now, I'm happy-tired. Tomorrow, I suspect I will be in a lot more pain.

BigV 07-30-2017 12:48 PM

Well done!

xoxoxoBruce 07-30-2017 07:19 PM

How? Let me count the ways, let me count the days.

classicman 08-05-2017 06:29 AM

Well done, Clod.

As for my personality ... my communication is typically almost all truth and little grace.
Nuff said?

glatt 08-11-2017 11:08 AM

Sometimes my attention to detail is lacking.

I sold my cousin's house back in March. Assumed that signing all the paperwork letting the county real estate department know about the deed change would be shared with the water,trash, and sewer office at the county.

Duh. Of course not. So now they expect me to pay for 5 months of water usage by the new owners.


I screwed up. We'll see how this plays out. They used a lot of water. Maybe somebody stole pipes out of the house and let the water fill the basement.

Clodfobble 08-12-2017 08:54 AM

Are the new owners being jackholes about it? Surely they understand it was their water.

glatt 08-12-2017 09:20 AM

I have not tried contacting them. The house is vacant now, about to be torn down. . Not sure I want to bother contacting them. I'll probably talk to the lawyer to see if the estate can just pay the bill. It's supposed to be something like $900. I bet pipes got ripped out by meth heads.

Gravdigr 08-13-2017 05:39 PM

That's not the kind of pipe they smoke meth out of.


Gravdigr 08-13-2017 11:18 PM

I got thrown out of a bar in New York City.

Words were exchanged, and Billy Joe Badass decided to throw hands. He didn't connect, either time. The guy what runs the joint told Billy Joe to leave and not come back. He told me to leave and come back tomorrow.

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