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xoxoxoBruce 11-26-2016 09:49 PM

Ron Glass, the black guy on Barney Miller.

Gravdigr 11-26-2016 11:06 PM

Aw shit.:(

elSicomoro 11-27-2016 12:37 AM

Also played Shepherd Book on Firefly...that's for you youngins that don't know the joy that is Barney Miller.

Griff 11-27-2016 08:28 AM

Take me out to the black.
Tell them I ain't comin' back.
Burn the land
And boil the sea.
You can't take the sky from me.

footfootfoot 12-08-2016 11:05 AM

Greg Lake

Gravdigr 12-08-2016 11:40 AM


Fuck cancer.

classicman 12-08-2016 12:45 PM

God damn... This fucking year sucks.

Gravdigr 12-08-2016 02:18 PM

I love that song.

Just listened to it earlier (different version).

xoxoxoBruce 12-08-2016 03:18 PM

I saw him do it live, three times. The first time I was taken back because it was so different from the recorded version.

Gravdigr 12-08-2016 04:05 PM

John Glenn died today. He was 95.

footfootfoot 12-08-2016 04:22 PM

Vocal track isolated:

classicman 12-08-2016 04:55 PM

Nice article about John Glenn.

As a Marine fighter pilot, while flying 149 combat missions during World War II and the Korean War, he received the nickname “Old Magnet Ass” for his ability to draw enemy fire and keep the plane flying with huge holes blown into its exterior.

Spexxvet 12-09-2016 11:08 AM

Elspode 12-10-2016 11:50 AM

This got me bad.

xoxoxoBruce 12-10-2016 12:22 PM

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No No, Bad Year, Bad 2016...

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